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The infrastructure of K J Choksi Public Library in Bharuch has been designed in a way to give a relaxed reading atmosphere to the membersreaders. The readers can visit the library anytime and read in peace for hours as per their wish. The library has the following facilities:

Reading Space

To revel a comfortable reading time, the library has AC rooms for readers with comfortable seating as well as all the modern facilities. It can occupy 135 readers at a single go. Library also developed a new children's corner and separate collection for English books on the ground floor.

Extended Working Hours

To promote reading at the convenience of readers, the library is open for prolonged working hours. Hence readers are invited anytime during the 24-hour time to access the reading space, while they can use the book exchange service and other admin related work between 9:30 am - 8:00 pm from Tuesday to Saturday, and 9:30 am to 1:30 pm on Sundays, Monday being a weekly off.

Peaceful Reading Environment

To ensure zero disturbance to readers, we have created a pin-drop silence policy in the library. Moreover, we have a separate entry for reading rooms so that they do not get distracted from visitors passing by.

Regular Addition to the collection books

With thousands of books getting published in the market, we make sure not to leave behind any subject that doesn't become available to our readers. We also try to make the books available to the readers of different choices. Getting access to the latest books for the entire year at the cost of solely one book is something that motivates our members to renew their membership every year.

Visitors Reading Space

We welcome the readers, even if they have not got associated with us, to access the books available in the library. We have a separate reading space for them as well, where they can read anytime during the library hours. They can do a leisurely reading on the premises – of the latest newspapers, magazines, and periodicals. However, book lending will require membership.

Regular Activities

We believe in the active participation of our readers, hence celebrate special days and conduct different kinds of workshops and book talk events in the library from time to time.Cultural and Knowledge sharing events make our library a vibrant one.

Safety measures

To ensure the safety and sound health of readers in the library, we have installed the best available safety pieces of equipment in the library, fire safety systems, and a proper emergency exit in case of contingencies.

Security systems

Being a public institution, we have installed security systems to help our members read at peace. We have CCTV cameras and RFID Controlled entry points to provide a secure learning atmosphere.

Flexible Membership Options

Readers can choose from different types of memberships as per their requirements. We have various general and junior memberships, based on an annual and half-yearly basis. Reading as a hobby, research, competitive exams, or increasing knowledge, we have memberships that help you in the best possible way.

Drinking Water & Washroom facilities

To facilitate our readers with basic requirements, we have equipped the premises with clean drinking water facilities as well as a separate sanitized washroom for boys and girls. Odor-free waterless urinals help save the environment while not spoiling the ambiance.

Dispensary facilities

Apart from comfortable reading facilities, we also have set up a dispensary where readers can get a basic first aid in case of any emergencies.

Sufficiently Ventilated Premises

We have installed proper ventilation in the building by fresh air circulation systems. Even the basement of the library is ventilated adequately to ensure enough air circulation for the readers.