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K J Choksi Public Library is the memorial of Late Shri Kantilal Jaikishandas Choksi, a freedom Fighter and the Mayor of Bharuch City, who headed the local library for several years. Establishing the library in his name, his son Shri Gautambhai Kantilal Choksi has kept him alive now and forever.

The library is a non-profit set-up, fully funded by Kantilal J Choksi Charitable Trust. The motto behind setting up the library was to develop reading habit among the people. The trustee intended to gift the city with one of the most intellectual gifts, principally for the students and the young generation. Gautambhai moved from Bharuch for better education and job opportunities, eventually becoming one of the leading Chartered Accountants in Gujarat. He believes that education can solely lift people out of poverty.

The library holds a collection of over 45000 books available in different languages such as Gujarati, English, Hindi, as well as Marathi. It has an average of over 30,000 readers per year who take advantage of the same.

A brief about Shri Kantilal J Choksi

Born to a reputed family dealing with gold ornaments in 1915, Shri Kantilal J. Choksi was a man of thoughts. He envisaged the path which Congress was to tread in the future, therefore, left Congress immediately after the independence. He then established and successfully ran an opposition group in Bharuch, known as JantaMandal, comprising of the leading citizens of the town for about 35 years.

Having five sons and one daughter, Kantilal Choksi possessed limited wealth for his children. He ensured that each one became a professional due to his belief that wealth may diminish one day, but education stays forever. Of the five sons he had, two each chose to be engineers and chartered accounts, while one of them became an oncologist. The daughter pursued her career as a software developer. The legacy of Shri K J Choksi consisted of an educated second generation, who lived a much better life than they had dreamt of solely because of the seeds of hard work sown by their father.